Humane Bee Removal, Relocation and Swarm Removal including africanized bees. 


Phoenix, Arizona 85021
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We service the entire valley area. 

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Honey Products

Local Raw Honey from organically-maintained bees 

Our hives are 100% treatment free of any chemicals or medicinal treatments. Our products are completely pure.

Available at many retail outlets across the valley.

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Our Hives

We maintain hives throughout the valley of Arizona. 

We work with regional farmers in need of pollination for their vegetation as a cooperative effort to provide a safe haven for bees that are kept away from harmful pesticides.

About Us

What began as a hobby quickly blossomed into a successful and rewarding small business. 

Dan Punch had been performing live bee removals & relocations during his free time on nights and weekends while working full-time as the head beekeeper at the Arizona State University Honeybee Research Facility at ASU’s Polytechnic campus in Mesa, AZ. After a very busy season, Dan officially established Punch Honeybee Company in the spring of 2014.   

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