What began as a hobby quickly blossomed into a successful and rewarding small business. Dan Punch had been performing live bee removals & relocations during his free time on nights and weekends while working full-time as the head beekeeper at the Arizona State University Honeybee Research Facility. Dan officially established Punch Honeybee Company in the spring of 2014.

With a love and knowledge of honeybees, their behavior, construction/remodeling, and of course the taste for honey, Punch Honeybee Company is a unique business that not only works to save the honeybee, but also to educate people about these fascinating creatures.

Because of his experience with the Africanized Honeybee while at ASU, Dan is an expert on their behavior and has developed his own methods and tools to safely remove them ALIVE from almost any structure or situation and then utilize them for crop pollination and honey production. In 2015 alone, Punch Honeybee rescued over 150 bee colonies from homes and businesses. All of the bee colonies we rescue, relocate, and maintain are kept on local farms throughout Phoenix and its’ surrounding areas. We are members of the Beekeepers Association of Central Arizona (BACA) and the Organic Beekeepers Group. Punch Honeybee Company maintains all of its’ honeybee colonies without the use of antibiotics or chemicals, which ensures when you purchase our honey, you are getting the best product available, bottled just the way our bees made it: 100% raw, pure, local, and natural.

Please feel free to call us anytime with questions regarding bees, their relocation, or to purchase honey and beeswax products. Forty percent of the revenue from all sales and services is invested back so as to purchase equipment to house and to maintain our current and future bee colonies.

phone: 480-298-7983
email: AZhoneyBZ@gmail.com

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